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Mandatory Recycling Program:

The Board of Supervisors have adopted a mandatory recycling program, which began on April 1, 2013.  The Ordinance concerning the guidelines for this program were adopted as of March 4, 2013.

 Ordinances and Publications available for purchase in the Township Office

 Zoning Ordinance 1996, Latest Revisions adopted 2/2012.

 Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance 1998, Latest Revisions adopted 12/2011
 Storm Water Management Ordinance, Revision adopted May 5, 2014
 ELANCO Region Comprehensive Plan 1996. Revision adopted July 7, 2008
 Eastern Lanc. Co Region Recreation, Park & Open Space Plan adopted June 7, 2004
West Nile Virus:

Just a reminder… Mosquitoes will breed anywhere water is retained over an extended period of time; the mosquitoes in these areas will possibly spread the West Nile Virus.  Old tires that have stagnant water standing in them are a good breeding ground.  Please remember, If you find any dead crows, blue jays, owls and hawks, please do not pick them up…contact Jay Smoker, Penn State Cooperative Extension at 717-394-3962.

Iím thinking about a house project. When do I need a permit, and whom do I contact?

Are you finally making plans to build that sunroom or deck that youíve only just thought about?  Are you going to finish the basement or order that storage shed so that you can finally park the car in the garage?  If you are, you should know that the Earl Township Board of Supervisors has adopted a zoning ordinance and a building code which requires that you obtain a permit before you begin to tackle those projects.
A permit is required whenever you add to or construct or locate a building, make any structural changes to an existing building, or remove a building or a portion of a building.  You also are required to have a permit if you upgrade your electrical service or modify your plumbing or mechanical systems.
Barry Wagner is the Earl Township Zoning Officer and can be contacted at (717) 625-0444.  In addition, he is generally available at the Township office on Tuesday mornings between 10 am and noon.