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Snow Plow VS Mail box Policy

Due to the recent heavy wet snow, resulting in some mail box damage, there has been some question about our policy regarding damage. Our policy is that we do not fix or replace mailboxes damaged due to the snow discharged from a snow plow, however  if the plow or truck itself hits the mail box and damages it we will fix or replace it, providing the box was at least 2 feet back from the edge of the road.

Some helpful hint to minimize mail box damage

  1. Install your mail box on the after side of your driveway so the plow will unload prior to passing your box.

  2. Install your mail box on an arm so it can swing back with the snow or be moved back before a storm.

We realize that some damage is not preventable, but we do make an effort to minimize it.



Sidewalk  Snow Ordinance

Just a reminder, Township ordinance does require that owners of property with sidewalks to have them cleaned 12 hours after a snow fall. Please call or see Chapter 21 section 601 in the Township Code of Ordinances for detail.